Security Cameras Cork: A Case Study of Enhanced Protection at Scoops Gelato

Security Cameras Cork

In the picturesque town of Cobh, nestled in Cork, Ireland, Douglas TV recently undertook a pivotal project for Scoops Gelato, a beloved local business known for its delectable treats and vibrant ambiance. This endeavor not only underscores Douglas TV’s commitment to enhancing security and operational efficiency for businesses but also showcases the innovative solutions that set them apart in the realm of TV services and CCTV installations.

Security Cameras Cork – Comprehensive Surveillance Solution

Understanding the unique needs of Scoops Gelato, Douglas TV embarked on a project designed to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage of the premises. The primary objective was to ensure visibility from every angle of the store, thus maximizing security by monitoring both the interior and exterior environments.

To achieve this, Douglas TV meticulously planned and installed a total of six Hikvision ColorVu turbo cameras. Five of these advanced cameras were placed outside to cover all sides of the store, while one was strategically positioned inside to monitor the interior. This configuration ensures an uninterrupted view of the entire area, enhancing safety and operational monitoring.

What sets these cameras apart is their ability to provide color video footage even at night. This feature is particularly beneficial for Scoops Gelato, located in an area illuminated by street lamps, enhancing visibility and detail in the video feed under low-light conditions.

Advanced Technology and Accessibility

The Hikvision ColorVu cameras employed in this project are renowned for their high-quality imaging, enabling clear and detailed footage around the clock. This capability is crucial for both day-to-day operations and in ensuring the safety and security of the premises after hours. Furthermore, these cameras boast a recording time of up to three weeks, providing ample storage for surveillance footage.

A key component of the solution provided by Douglas TV is the integration of the recording system with the internet. This modern approach to CCTV installation allows for real-time remote viewing of the camera feeds. Stakeholders can effortlessly access the live feed and recordings via a dedicated application on their smartphones, offering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

Security Cameras Cork – Efficient and Professional Service

Douglas TV prides itself on its ability to deliver high-quality solutions within a remarkably short timeframe. From the initial consultation with Scoops Gelato, through valuation, to the final installation, the entire process was completed in no more than a week. This efficiency underscores Douglas TV’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their capability to execute projects swiftly without compromising on quality or detail.


The project undertaken for Scoops Gelato by Douglas TV exemplifies the fusion of innovative technology with customer-centric service. By installing advanced Hikvision ColorVu turbo cameras, both inside and outside, Douglas TV has not only enhanced the security and operational efficiency of Scoops Gelato but also demonstrated their expertise and reliability in the field of TV services and CCTV installations. Based in Douglas, Cork, Douglas TV continues to set the standard for security solutions, ensuring their clients can conduct business with confidence and peace of mind.

This project is a testament to Douglas TV’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the specific needs of their clients. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and accessibility, Douglas TV remains at the forefront of providing security and surveillance solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of businesses in Cork and beyond.


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