Case Study: Enhancing Security and Surveillance for Motorway

CCTV - Motorway, Cork

Client Profile

Motorway is a renowned business based in Cork, Ireland, specializing in the supply of car parts, accessories, tools, and paint. Known as a leading Motor Factor, Motorway serves both the general public and the motor industry, providing products for all cars and light commercial vehicles. To continue its commitment to excellence and customer safety, Motorway recognized the need to upgrade its outdated and mostly non-functional camera system.

Enhancing Security and Surveillance for Motorway – Project Overview

Douglas TV was tasked with the complete overhaul of Motorway’s security camera system. The objective was to enhance the security infrastructure within and around the premises, ensuring robust surveillance that could support the company’s operational needs and safety standards.


The primary challenge was the existing camera system at Motorway, which was antiquated and largely ineffective. Most of the existing cameras were non-operational, and the system did not provide the coverage or clarity required for effective monitoring and security.


To address these challenges, Douglas TV designed and implemented a comprehensive surveillance solution tailored to Motorway’s specific requirements. The solution included the installation of 18 new Hikvision cameras, strategically placed both inside and outside the store to optimize area coverage and image quality.

Interior Surveillance

For the interior of the store, we installed 12 Hikvision DS-2CD2386G2-I Pro Series cameras. These cameras are known for their high-resolution output and excellent low-light performance, making them ideal for capturing clear, detailed images inside the store, regardless of lighting conditions.

Exterior Surveillance

To enhance security around the building, we installed six Hikvision DS-2CD2T87G2-L Pro Series outdoor cameras. These cameras are designed to withstand various weather conditions, providing reliable performance and durability. Their high-resolution capabilities ensure detailed footage of the surrounding areas, crucial for monitoring and preventing potential external threats.

CCTV - Motorway, Cork

Recording and Network Infrastructure

The heart of the new surveillance system is the Hikvision DS-7732NI-M4 M Series 8K NVR 32-channel recorder, which offers ample storage and powerful processing capabilities to handle the high-quality video output from the 18 cameras. This recorder is paired with a Neolink 24-Port Gigabit PoE+ Layer-2 Managed Switch, which provides not only power over Ethernet but also efficient network management for the entire camera system.

Both the recorder and the switch are housed in a secure rack cabinet, ensuring that the critical components of the surveillance system are protected and centrally located for easy maintenance and management.

Enhancing Security and Surveillance for Motorway – Outcomes

The installation of the new surveillance system has significantly improved security at Motorway. The advanced camera technology ensures comprehensive coverage of both interior and exterior areas, providing high-resolution footage that can be critical in both preventative security measures and investigative scenarios. The system’s scalability and ease of management also allow Motorway to adjust and expand its surveillance capabilities as needed, ensuring long-term reliability and effectiveness.


Douglas TV’s tailored surveillance solution for Motorway has set a new standard in security for the business. With a focus on advanced technology and strategic implementation, Motorway can now ensure a safer environment for its employees and customers, aligning with its reputation as a leader in the automotive supply industry in Ireland.

Douglas TV is your trusted partner

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