F Joiners (2pcs)

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F Joiners (2pcs)

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DESCRIPTION of F Type Joiner

  • Type: F Joiner
  • Gender: Female to Female
  • Suits all types of F Connectors
  • Colour: Silver

USES of F Type Joiner

  • Used to give create a low loss join (capable of carrying a DC signal) between between 2 * RG6 Satellite cables.
  • They are used on both domestic and commercial jobs. Possible uses include:
    • Joining cable coming from satellite dish to a satellite receiver
    • Joining cable coming from a satellite receiver to a Sky eye
    • Giving a high quality join to a TV distribution RG6 cable

ADVANTAGES of F Type Joiners

  • They achieve a much lower level of signal loss than coaxial Joiners
  • Can be used with sky eyes and feed to satellite receivers
  • They are quick and easy to install
  • Less likely to come apart accidentally than a coaxial joiner

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