LG TV Original Remote Control AKB74475474

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LG TV Original Remote Control AKB74475474


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LG TV Original Remote Control AKB74475474

Product description:

Original remote control AKB74475474 for LG TV

Supports most old and new LG TVs.

It does not require programming or pairing with the TV.

Manufacturer – LG

Compatible with:

32LH604V, 43LH548V, 49UH610V, 43UH610, 43UH610VZBBEUWLJG, 49UH661V, 43UH603V, 49UH610V EN 65UH615V, AKB74475401, LG 32LH604V,  43” LG 43LH604V,  LG 49LH604V,  LG 55LH604V,  32LH604VAEU,  49LF5909,  49LF590V,  55LF592V,  32LF595B,  43LF5900,  43UF640T,  49LF5900,  49UF640T,  55LF950,  32LF595B.AAU,  43LF5900.AAU,  43LF5900.ANR,  43UF640T.ANR,  49LF5900.AAU,  49LF5900.ANR,  49UF640T.ANR,  55LF5950.ANR,  32LF595B-TA.AAUYLJD,  43LF5900-TB.AAUYLH,  43LF5900-TB.AAUYLJD,  43LF5900-TB.ANRYLH,  43LF5900-TB.ANRYLJD,  43UF640T-TA.BNRYMJD,  49LF5900-TB.AAUYLH,  49LF5900-TB.AAUYLJD,  49LF5900-TB.ANRYLH,  49UF640T-TA.BNRYMJD,  55LF5950,  32” LG 32LH570V,  43” LG 43LH570V,  49” LG 49LH570V,  32LF595B, 43LF5900, 43UF640T, 49LF5900, 49UF640T, 55LF950, 32LF595B.AAU, 43LF5900.AAU, 43LF5900.ANR, 43UF640T.ANR, 49LF5900.AAU, 49LF5900.ANR, 49UF640T.ANR, 55LF5950.ANR, 32LF595B-TA.AAUYLJD, 43LF5900-TB.AAUYLH, 43LF5900-TB.AAUYLJD, 43LF5900-TB.ANRYLH, 43LF5900-TB.ANRYLJD, 43UF640T-TA.BNRYMJD, 49LF5900-TB.AAUYLH, 49LF5900-TB.AAUYLJD, 49LF5900-TB.ANRYLH, 49UF640T-TA.BNRYMJD, 55LF5950-TA.ANRYLJD 43LH541V 43LH510V 43LH5100 43LH5100 43LH510V 43LH510VAEU 43LH510V 43LH5100 43LH5100 43LH5100





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