LG TV Original Remote Control AKB75675311

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LG TV Original Remote Control AKB75675311


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LG TV Original Remote Control AKB75675311

Product description:

Original remote control AKB75675311 for LG TV

Supports most old and new LG TVs.

It does not require programming or pairing with the TV.

Manufacturer – LG

Compatible with:

32LM6300PLA, 32LM630BPLA, 43LM6300PLA,

43UM7000PLA, 43UM71007LB, 43UM7100PLB,

43UM7390PLC, 43UM7400PLB, 49UM7000PLA,

49UM71007LB, 49UM7100PLB, 49UM7390PLC,

49UM7400PLB, 55SK7900PLA, 55UM7000PLC,

55UM71007LB, 55UM7100PLB, 55UM7400PLB,

60UM71007LB, 60UM7100PLB, 65UM7000PLA,

65UM7100PLA, 65UM7400PLB, 70UM7100PLA,

75UM7000PLA, 75UM7110PLB

and other models  – OLED, NANO Cell, LED.





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