Coax Plugs High Quality (2 pcs)

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Coax Plugs High Quality (2 pcs)

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DESCRIPTION of Coax Connector

  • Type: Coax Connector
  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Aluminium

USES of Coax Connectors

  • Used to terminate an RG6 satellite cable
  • Could be used for a range of purposes
    • Plug into a TV, Saorview receiver
    • Be inserted into a coaxial coupler to join 2 cables
    • Be inserted into a TV distribution system to connect a number of cables to a single TV aerial

ADVANTAGES of Coax Connector

  • This is best quality coaxial connector plug on the market
  • The aluminium coax plugs have more flexible ‘jaws’ which are strong and give good grip
  • Wide range of uses

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