Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket 60 cm (Large Dishes)

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Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket (Large Dishes)

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DESCRIPTION of Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket

  • Wall Mounted Bracket to Hold a Large Satellite Dish
  • Height: 240mm
  • Diameter of Arm: 50mm
  • Distance From Wall: 600mm
  • Wall Plate Dimensions: 170 x 170mm
  • Material: Steel

USES of Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket

  • Normally used on a gable wall or chimney to mount:
    • Large satellite dishes e.g. 100cm, 110cm satellite dishes
    • Can be used with 80cm but the standard Sky bracket is sufficient for these
    • Used with very large satellite dishes e.g. 125cm or 145cm dishes

ADVANTAGES of Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket

  • Ideal bracket for mounting large satellite dishes such as a 110cm dish
  • Gives a 180 degree range of movement on dishes up to 110cm
  • Strong robust bracket
  • Galvanised means it is resistant to weather corrosion
  • Slotted wall mounting holes mean there is some flexibility when drilling holes

DISADVANTAGES of Satellite Dish Mounting Bracket

  • More expensive that a standard sky style dish mounting bracket
  • Can not be used with a Sky or Freesat satellite dish as 50mm arm diameter is too large
  • Can only be used to mount a single aerial or a single satellite dish
  • Not big enough to give full 180 degree rotation on dishes above 110cm

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